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Artist / Songwriter

Boy In Space (Robin Lundbäck) achieved international success at a remarkably young age. After embarking on a world tour with his brothers, he transitioned to launch his solo career in 2018, solidifying his position in the global music scene.

His distinctive voice, whimsical writing style, and versatile productions quickly captivated the pop world, leading to an impressive tally of over half a billion streams on Spotify alone. All the while maintaining independence as an artist and touring extensively in the United States and Europe.

Looking ahead to 2024, Boy In Space is gearing up for a re-launch, armed with a new team, a fresh visual identity, and a wealth of new music.

Collaborations include Alan Walker, The Struts, Elof Loelv, 1Mind, Toby Gadd, Pink Sweat$, Phoebe Ryan, Jordan Shaw, NOTD, Shy Martin, John Newman, Red Triangle, Nick Furlong, Rod Wave, Freddy Alexander, a.o.

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