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Songwriter / Pianist / Arranger

Having studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen and spent time at famed Swedish pop-songwriting academy Musikmakarna, Litens is known for his unique lyrics and forward-thinking melodies. In 2018 he was awarded 'Breakthrough Songwriter' at Sweden's prestigious Denniz Pop Awards. Most recently he co-wrote Swedish star Veronica Maggio's singles 'SE MIG', and the Spotify It's Hits single 'Varsomhelst/Närsomhelst', as well as Gryffin's single 'Alive'. He's heavily involved in SHY Martin’s project, having co-written her singles ‘Forget to Forget’, ‘Lose You Too’, 'Slow', and her collaboration with NOTD on the 90M+ single 'Keep You Mine'. In 2022 he locked himself in a studio with the artist Elina and collaborator Morwell to arrange and write her upcoming album.


Recent collaborations and releases include: NOTD, Astrid S, Icona Pop, John Newman, Steve Mac, Sam Feldt, LOVA, SHY Martin, Sandro Cavazza, Kid Ink, Elina, Yellow Claw, Winona Oak, Hearts & Colours, Tove Lo, SKOTT, a.o


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