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Artist / Songwriter

Noel Sönnerbo (artist name NOEL) is a 21y/o artist and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden.  

NOEL's journey as a songwriter began unexpectedly when his bedroom covers on TikTok went viral and attracted the interest of industry professionals and music enthusiasts. He has already gained over 87k+ followers and an impressive 10+ million views on TikTok. At the age of 21, he has already collaborated with seasoned songwriters and producers.

Recent collaborations include Patrick Salmy & Ricardo Munoz (Zoe Weez), Anu Pillai (Lewis Capaldi), Teddy Failure, Freddy Alexander, Martin Stilling, Carl&Felix (Humble&Blisse), LOVA, Litens, Boy In Space, Medium, Hilda Stenmalm, Johan Lindbrandt, Clara Mae, Fanny Hultman, Kerstin Ljungström a.o.

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