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Artist / Songwriter

Brisbane raised and Sweden based, Hazlett is a singer, songwriter and musician, but most of all Hazlett is a storyteller.

The Australian talent started out as a touring musician and ghostwriter-for- hire, preferring to stay behind-the- scenes. It all started when he locked himself in a Stockholm studio with an old friend and emerged three months later as Hazlett, armed with three full EPs of rich, warm and moving music. Since then he has released 1 album and 4 EPs, and is currently releasing music for Goodbye For The Valley Low (pt.2).


A big reason why Hazlett continues to write music is to be able to travel and play live. He has toured around the world with LANY, Wild Rivers, Josiah and the Bonnevilles, to name a few. During 2024 he is going on tour in Europe with both Calum Scott and Ocie Elliott, as well as opening for Passenger in Germany. 


Hazlett’s eagerly anticipated first headline tour is scheduled for November and December, with 23 shows across Europe and the UK.

His lyric and melody skills has also taken him into rooms writing for other artists, such as NOTD, SHY Martin, Boy In Space, Conrad Sewell, The Veronicas, Maty Noyes a.o.

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